Adopting A Plot

Adopting a plot is a simple process, but we do require that you adhere to our guidelines in order to protect and preserve the Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery. Should you submit an application to become a donor or volunteer in order to adopt a specific plot or group of plots, you agree to the memorandum of understanding and you acknowledge that you understand it completely after reading both it and the Adopt-A-Plot Guidelines thoroughly.

Apply to Adopt-A-Plot

By applying to your specific grouping to adopt a plot, you understand that your volunteering and funding will be going to preserve a treasured piece of Pueblo's history and more importantly, preserving the legacy and memory of those who have forged a path in order for us to live in the great state of Colorado. We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in the future.

Memorandum of Understanding

I understand that the Adopt A Plot Program is a volunteer and donor effort to beautify and revitalize the historic Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery, restore some of its past dignity, and preserve it for future generations who may point with pride to the results of a community endeavor. I further understand that in joining this program I am under no contractual agreement with the City of Pueblo or the Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery Association, but that I will abide by the guidelines set forth in this Memorandum of Understanding. I also understand that in adopting a plot in the historic Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery I must abide by the rules and regulations of the cemetery and adhere to the guidelines of the Adopt A Plot Program; that my plans for beautifying and maintaining my adopted plot must be approved by the cemetery association prior to commencing the project, and that once I adopt a plot its care and maintenance becomes my responsibility. At such time as I cannot maintain or donate fundings for my adopted plot or do not wish to continue in the program, I agree to notify the cemetery association via email so that my plot may be made available to other interested volunteers.