Adopt-A-Plot FAQ's

1) I want to adopt a plot at the Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery, what do I need to do?

So you want to help us out? Great! Just submit an application to adopt a plot here and you begin your help in preserving and documenting this historical treasure of Pueblo.

2) I want to adopt, but don't have extra money to go into the plot, can I still help?

Of course you can! Pickup of trash and trimming of weeds and long grasses in plots is always helpful to beautify our cemetery, as we all agree, any bit helps.

3) I live outside the state and cannot just come down to Pueblo to clean up my plot, what can I do to help?

While we understand some cannot just come on down any day of the week to help us out, we know there are other ways to help out. If you can only come down once a year, that's perfectly fine, any bit helps. Or if you'd like, we accept donations to specific plots and that money will go to preserving, cleaning up and beautifying the plot(s) of your choice.

4) Can I submit information or photographs to you for the main public site or the data site?

Of course you can! We look forward to collecting as many photographs and as much information on each plot that is possible to obtain. We realize that all different volunteers and visitors to the cemetery have different perspectives and their input will be used to protect and better understand the cemetery and what we can do to preserve it. Of course, all photographs are credited with the volunteer or visitor who took said photograph(s).

5) I'd like to browse for a plot I'd like to adopt, how do I view the plots that are available?

Just go visit our main data and adoption site here, and be sure to remember the Name of the Deceased, Location and Burial ID when you're ready to adopt. Soon, our version 2.0 of the data site will allow you to view, update and add plots right in the site that you are assigned to.