We are now online! Our burials index is growing as new information becomes available but a basic burials index is available to the general public currently. Click here to visit the new data site, remember to check often as new information is being added daily and more information is being added to the public index.

What can I see with this site?

Currently, we have more data available than what you see when you first visit the website. This is done in order to protect our records from becoming exported in large amounts and to ensure that the mass amount of information we have collected and will continue to collect stays with us in order to produce a better public record. However, you can gain access to any documents and photographs attached to these records simply through several options: 1) You can become a volunteer and help us clean up, document, protect and promote the historic Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery, 2) You can adopt a plot and pay a specific amount towards the upkeep of your chosen plot, or volunteer your time to protect, preserve and document your plot, or 3) join our ranks and become a member of our association today.

We need your help!

If you'd like to help, we are currently seeking folks to adopt our plots. Whether you be an avid local historian or a company interested in helping out a local organization, we encourage you to look through names and spot one that might fancy your interest. All information will be made available to the individuals, groups and organizations who adopt specific burial sites. Visit here to learn more!