Burials Register

Name Date of Burial Date of Deathsort descending Cemetery Section
Ramsey, Mrs. M. November 17, 1881 Paupers Field
Corley, David June 7, 1882 Paupers Field
Ritchie, Mrs. J. Nellie 12-7-1886
Poe, G.S. 5-16-1890 Carter Lot
Morrow, Valentine (Son of George Morrow-owner) 11/5/1938
Ledwith, Noma (Infant) 6-2-1893
Graves, Mrs. B.S. July 9, 1881 Paupers Field
Rieger (Reiger), Fred ( Baby) 6-25-1890 Carter
Monroe, Charles Northside
Lamond, May 5-15-1882
Kuntz, John September 28, 1882 Paupers Field
Russell, Mrs. 5-3-1890
Nelson, Peter 12-22-1889
Minor, Isaac Paupers Field
O'Rourke, Johnnie R. 4-27-1883 Pueblo