Burials Register

Name Date of Burial Date of Deathsort descending Cemetery Section
McCown, Minnie (Infant) 1-2-1883
Mertis, M. May 29, 1882 Paupers Field
Jex, David William 1-8-1883
Rollwagen, Loretta 10-2-1890
Pumeroy, Mrs. 8-16-1883
Masterson, Paul (Baby) 4-1-1889
Dowell, Frances Northside
Logan, Katie (baby) 9-17-1888
Rainey, Female Paupers Field
Ritchie (Ritchey), Virginia E. 5-12-1894
Pinkey, Hall 5-3-1883
Johnson, Child (Child of W. Johnson 12-9-1890
Morris, Nellie 9-7-1888
Wright, Lillie (Infant) June 21, 1882 Paupers Field
Gowers, Thos. August 12, 1881 Paupers Field