Burials Register

Name Date of Burial Date of Deathsort descending Cemetery Section
Parker, B.J. Northside
Mills, Thos. G. (Infant) 11-5-1892
McMurrat, WM. 5-18-1881
Lugrim, Mary June 21, 1881 Paupers Field
Hilnrun, Delia 4-22-1884
Meyers, J. WM. 9James William)
McClure, Ned 6-22-1885
Martin, Wm. May 11, 1881 Paupers Field
Angel, Unknown April 5, 1882 Paupers Field
Rogers, Charles B. 5-5-1885
Highberger, C.A. (Chrales Arthur) Child 3-2-1887
MArzahn, Herman 2-22-1885
Sullivan, Dan September 12, 1881 Paupers Field
Morris, J.C. (Infant) 11-1-1889