Burials Register

Name Date of Burial Date of Deathsort descending Cemetery Section
Holm, Mary 2-28-1884
Henkrot, Uto June 18, 1881 Paupers Field
Rahrig, Martha 1-12-1887
Pace, Blanche 7-2-1889
Packard, Jas. 12-10-1890
Nifturgle, Joe 8-15-1887
Miller, Pauline
McKay, Malcomb 10-8-1883
Sturdevant, Thomas 1-13-1884
Runkin, Maurice Gold 5-27-1879 Pueblo Cemetery
McClelland, F.P. (child)
Platz, Ford Paupers Field
Brownell, L. January 16, 1882 Paupers Field
Robinson, Burtie 6-3-1882