Burials Register

Name Date of Burial Date of Deathsort descending Cemetery Section
Ross, Joseph K. August 4, 1882 Paupers Field
Roberts, Harry 7-7-1881
Mahoney, Samuel (infant) 10-3-1881
Moyers, William 1-9-1884
Leonard, Bolliver C. UNK
Sanchez, Pars March 29, 1883 Paupers Field
Farley, John October 19, 1882 Paupers Field
Rhodes, William (Infant ???)
Newton, Geo. (infant)
McDermott, J. (Baby) 11-28-1885
McGrew, J. April 1, 1882 Paupers Field
Stokes, Elizabeth 5-19-1883
O'Rourke, William 10-27-1886 Pueblo