Burials Register

Namesort descending Date of Burial Date of Death Cemetery Section
Hilliard, Ralph S. 8-3-1898 8-1-1898 Northside
Hilnrun, Delia 4-22-1884
Hinsley, Mrs. D. 11-15-1881
Hisey, Harry Fabrique 9-9-1875 UNK
Hitchcock, George (Baby) 9-19-1890
Hitchings, Edward D. Capt.
Hoard, Chessie 10-2-1888
Hobson, Charles Northside
Hobson, Ed
Hobson, Ed (Eddy Adolph 5/4/1927 Northside
Hobson, George H. 10/3/1900 UNK
Hobson, Sarah Hale 9/29/1911 9/29/1911 Northside
Hobson, Sarah Hale Northside
Hobson, William Polk 5-23-1895
Hoffman, Alice 11-18-1886 11-17-1886